How to Reset the Wrench Light on Honda Civic?

How to Reset the Wrench Light on Honda Civic?

The wrench light is an orange colour maintenance reminder on Honda Civic. This is a feature called Maintenance Minder on Hondas that reminds you to do things like change the air filter, oil change, transmission fluid, the tyre and more.

Should it worry you when the wrench light flashes on your Honda Civic? When the wrench light is on, can you keep driving? You may want to know the answers to these questions, and in this article, we have provided answers to all of your queries. So, if you want to fix any maintenance problems, Keep reading this article.

How to reset the Wrench light on Honda civic?

It may be annoying to see the constant maintenance light. However, after changing the oil, you would not need to reset the rent light on your Honda civic unless the mechanic has forgotten to turn the oil life indicator on. follow this stepwise guide to turn off the maintenance light and fix the oil life indicator:

  1. Push the Start button twice After You remove the foot of the brake.
  2. From the touch screen or home screen, choose the settings option
  3. then choose a car
  4. select information about upkeep.
  5. click reset
  6. Click reset
  7. press engine oil

After completing all these apps, the light that says maintenance should turn off.

If it didn’t go back to the main menu and choose something else from the reset selected items and the light stays on. in this case, you can go back to the Honda dealership or to the mechanic to ask about it.

What to know about Honda Civic?

Honda Civic represents a series of cars made by Honda. However, Honda Civic was basically a subcompact car, but after a few generations of change, it went through made eight more high-end and bigger, Moving it into the Segment of compact cars.

Moreover, technically the 10th generation civic Asper EPA guidelines is a small end midsize car but still competes in the compact class cars.

Even though the civic coupe has two doors, still it is a small end car. Presently in between the Honda City and the Honda Accord comes the Honda Civic.

Furthermore, in July 1972, the first generation civic Was introduced with two doors, and in September July 1972, 3 doors hatchback was introduced.

Even though the overall size of the car was small, it had front-wheel drive similar to a British mini, and its transverse engine was 1169 CC.

Furthermore, the early versions were known 4 Bing environmentally friendly, fuel-efficient, and reliable. However, the later versions were known for their sportiness and end performance, especially the civic VTi, Civic Type R, Civic SiR/Si, and Civic GTi.

On Honda Civic, the wrench symbol means?

On the Honda civics dashboard, the wrench icon is a maintenance reminder, but still, you need not worry about it as much as the other lights.

What’s up? This icon recommends maintenance tasks, not emergencies or problems that you need to fix immediately. This rent symbol light is just departing off the Honda Civic maintenance minder. It lets you know when the car needs maintenance and hence keeps an eye on the condition of your car.

How to reset the wrench light on the various Honda Civic models?

Honda has given many models since 2000.

Let’s know how to reset the wrench light on the various Honda Civic models.

2006 to 2011 Honda Civic models:

Below are the apps by which you can reset the wrench light or oil life for the 2006 to 2011 models

  1. In the ignition off the car, turn the key but don’t turn on the engine
  2. On the left side of the cluster, search for the reset or SEL button. Until the oil life comes up, keep pressing the button.
  3. after the screen shows oil life, press and hold the reset or SEL Button for about 10 to 20 seconds or until the display start blinks
  4. When the display blinks, let go of the reset or SEL button. Then again, press the reset button and hold it for 5 seconds. Further, if you do this process correctly, the oil life will go to 100% from 0%.

2012 to 2015   Honda Civic models:

For 2012 to 2015 Honda Civic models, the ranch or oil life light is turned Off in 2 ways

Use the reset wheel button to start over

  • Reset With the button on the wheel
  • when the engine is off, turn on the key
  • on the left side of the steering wheel, find the menu button and press it
  • To get to the vehicle information page, operate the arrow buttons
  • press the info about the maintenance option
  • Press the enter button to reset after oil life pops up on this screen
  • To start over, choose yes.

After completing this procedure, the oil life should reset itself.

Use the cluster button to start over

  • Play in the ignition of your car, turn the key but remember, don’t start the engine
  • until the oil life pops on your screen, keep pressing the trip knob
  • Until the light starts flashing, let go of the trip knob, then hold it down and press it until the oil life goes from 0% to 100%
  • Take help from your maintenance guide if you face any trouble while resetting the oil life

2015 to 2020 Honda Civic models:

Without turning on the engine, turn on the ignition

  • Click the info button, then with the help of the cursor, move to the wrench symbol and press the enter or OK button
  • When you find the oil life click the OK or enter button
  • Click the OK or enter button. Until you see maintenance reset, hold down the OK or enter button, which is shown at the same time as the oil life
  • Which is shown at the same time as the oil life. Now you can turn off the car’s engine as the oil has been reset
  • Now you can turn off the car’s engine as the oil life has been reset

Frequently asked questions

We have listed some others important questions here, please have a loook.

01. What does it mean when a wrench light pops on the Honda Civic screen?

A wrench light is just the maintenance minder that keeps track of your car’s condition

02. Is it OK to drive with a wrench light on?

yes, this sign just indicates that you need to service your car

03. Does wrench light men I need to change the oil?

If the wrench light pops along with the oil light, it means it’s the hour to change the oil

04. what does a flashing wrench mean?

It usually happens when your car has 150000 miles on it. It indicates you need to change your transmission fluid.

05. How often should I service my Honda Civic?

Every 7500 miles, your car should get services as per the Honda Civic maintenance schedule.

06. How much do the spark plugs for a honda civic cost

the spark plugs replacement price is between $147 and $259; however, the parts cost $137 and $49, and labour costs $97 and $123 in between

07. For how long can you drive with a service light on?

Before A flashing oil light turns on, you usually have about 500 miles or two weeks of driving; however, once the oil light comes on, you need to get your car checked instantly by a professional mechanic

08. Why are there Honda’s Exclamation marks on my car?

If an exclamation with a triangle is visible to you, then you need to pay attention. This icon shows the vehicle stability assist system, which lights up the dashboard when a problem is found.

09. What does Honda’s A17 service core mean?

A17 indicates rotating the tyres, changing the oil and replacing the brake fluid

10. What does Honda’s A 1 service mean?

A1 Indicates to rotate the tyres, get new tyres, check the tyre pressure, or change the oil.

11. Does Honda’s by 13 codes mean?

This means that the transmission fluid and the engine oil need to change

12. In what way does the Honda Civic stand out?

They are cheap, reliable, give good mileage and have a lot of room.

13. How hard is it to maintain a Honda Civic?

Talking about Hondas, one of the least expensive cars is the Honda civic

Final thoughts:

Honda makes one of the highest-performing cars: the least expensive, cheap, reliable, and have good gas mileage. One of the thoughts that keep on going in our minds is that doing regular vehicle maintenance checks is annoying. However, you need not worry about the Honda Civic as they have featured a maintenance minder, the orange wrench light. It reminds you from time to time after keeping a keen eye on your car’s condition.

You need not service your Honda Civic often. You can do a regular service check after every 7500 miles. Moreover, you do not need to worry about the wrench lights as now you know what it indicates. However, if you are facing any problem, you can go through our step-to-step guide for any maintenance problem. Besides, if the problem persists, you can call the mechanic or use your owner’s manual to check the error code out.

Thanks for reading!

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